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Maximise the benefits from new technology and innovation

• Upgrade of digital infrastructure • Full integration of Smart Cities • Invest in data analytics infrastructure

Our region benefits from a strong communications infrastructure base and is comparatively ahead of many of our neighbouring nations when it comes to digital connectivity. However, technology continues to develop and change and the pace of that change is accelerating. Too much of our public sector is still reliant on paper-based or ageing IT systems that are often fragmented and difficult to use. We believe the opportunity presented by new and emerging technologies can make our region fairer, safer, more productive and better connected.

Digital infrastructure

We will continue to invest in upgrading our digital infrastructure and systems to enable citizens to engage and transact effectively with public services. Investment in our public service digital infrastructure will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these services, reducing processing times, driving up data quality and ensuring that decisions can be made on the basis of accurate, timely and comprehensive information.

Smart Cities

The emergence of Smart Cities andthe Internet of Things must be fully integrated across policy areas, ensuring smart technologies play a central role in enabling connected regional and national infrastructure such as transport, energy and water, and linking these technologies and data sets to deliver improved city, region and central government services.

Data analytics

The public sector handles vast quantities of data, which could be used better to target services more effectively and make them more responsive to the needs of citizens. Examples of these applications include the deployment of emergency services based on predictive analytics and using usage data to optimise the treatment of drinking water.

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