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ISNI 2050

Our vision is that we will have the infrastructure that enables everyone to lead a healthy, productive and fulfilling life; supports sustainable economic development; and protects our environment.

A new approach to investment strategy

Unlike previous ISNIs, the new Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland will set key objectives for infrastructure investment in the region for the next thirty years. 

Our extensive stakeholder engagement has highlighted the need for us to find a better way to work together. Departments, arms-length bodies and the private sector need to work collaboratively to ensure our infrastructure plans prioritise the needs of everyone across the region. 

This better reflects the increasingly interconnected way in which services need to be delivered. This approach will allow us to broaden our ambitions and maximise the benefits for our region and the people who live here.  

Five key objectives

The new ISNI has identified five key strategic objectives, needs and priorities for our investment in infrastructure over the coming decades. The strategy document describes each objective in three ways:

  • Where we are now
  • Where we need to be 
  • What we need to do

View the five strategic objectives