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We must make sure that how and what we invest in achieves the objectives we want. Our engagement has shown there is real interest from organisations and citizens in our infrastructure and investment decisions.

Our current delivery tracking system already allows for monitoring of the construction pipeline. This will be expanded and developed to allow for greater interaction and be more accessible to a wider audience. 

We will implement a new portfolio management system that will ensure there is a single, accurate, consistent and timely picture of the state of each major project. This will be accessible to the Executive, Ministers, Assembly Committees, officials, the private sector and citizens. Searchable and downloadable data, complemented by interactive dashboards, will be available through the Investment Strategy website.

Our monitoring will set out to demonstrate a range of impacts including:

  • social value
  • social impact 
  • rural needs
  • equality and good relations
  • environmental impact 
  • economic impact 

We will publish an Annual Monitoring Report that will include a specific Investment Delivery Report.