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Strule Shared Education Campus

Department of Education
Public Body
Education Authority of Northern Ireland
West Tyrone

A pioneering approach to education delivery in Northern Ireland

A project which touches on all five objectives of the ISNI, the Strule Shared Education Campus in Omagh will deliver huge benefits to local communities, the environment and the economy.

The new £226m campus, on a disused military site close to the town centre, will bring together pupils from local schools of both traditions with representation from the controlled, maintained and voluntary school sectors.

A teacher and two pupils conduct a science experiment in clas at Strule Education Campus

The six schools involved are Arvalee School & Resource Centre, Christian Brothers Grammar School, Loreto Grammar School, Omagh Academy Grammar School, Omagh High School and Sacred Heart College.

Each school will retain their individuality and ethos whilst maximising the opportunities provided through collaboration and sharing. The means the widest range of subjects will be available to the students on campus.

As well as housing a combined learning population of 4,000 post-primary pupils, the campus will create several shared facilities and services:

  • The Shared Education Centre – covering areas like technology and design, music, drama, art, science, home economics and Sixth Form Study
  • The Shared Sports Centre and Sports Pavilion – including multiple courts, a covered multi-use games area and spectator seating
  • Shared resources in the core schools for minority subjects and areas of subject excellence

Schools will be able to deliver a 21st-century curriculum in progressive, modern and flexible facilities, aspects of which will be enhanced significantly through sharing resources. The campus approach will also facilitate better connectivity between mainstream and special needs schools.

three boys in muddy rugby kits embrace following a schools cup match

This project is a significant investment for the region but has benefits beyond the improved educational outcomes of the children and young adults who will study at Strule.

Combining these institutions creates efficiencies in transport, reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Modern specially designed buildings are more energy-efficient, helping us to reduce energy consumption. The new campus frees up development space in prime commercial and residential areas around the town and perhaps most importantly, the new campus brings together communities in an environment that reflects the shared future of the people of Northern Ireland.