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street lev el artists impression of the completed Casement Park re-development

Casement Park Re-Development

Department for Communities
Belfast West

A new home for Gaelic Games in Ulster

Part of the Executive’s Regional Stadia Programme, the re-development of Casement Park in West Belfast has been long delayed since the judicial review of its initial planning application in 2013.

A new planning application for a revised 34,578 capacity stadium was submitted in 2017, approved in July 2021 and the Executive is looking forward to the completion of this Programme which touches on so many of ISNI’s core objectives.

The new stadium will see a complete re-development of the grounds which will do for Gaelic Games in Ulster what stadia at Ravenhill and Windsor Park have done for Rugby and Soccer respectively.

The new stadium will feature:

  • A new landmark design 
  • New shared community spaces and facilities
  • A state of the art education, culture and heritage centre
  • New state of the art Handball courts
  • Significantly increased and improved player facilities
  • Safe and modern spectator facilities
Artists impression of the interior of the proposed Casement Park Stadium

The re-development of Casement Park will be a new hub for the local community and create jobs and further investment in the local area during its construction and operation. The stadium’s ability to host major provincial and inter-provincial championship games will bring tourism to the area.

The stadium will be the focal point of Gaelic Games in Ulster and frequently used by small community-based sporting clubs across Northern Ireland but in particular the 108 GAA clubs in Antrim.