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aerial view from an artists impression of the bus terminal of the new belfast transport hub

Belfast Transport Hub

Department for Infrastructure
Public Body
Primary Constituency
Belfast South

A new multi-modal transport hub for Belfast

The development of the new Belfast Transport Hub and the surrounding area is a flagship infrastructure project for the region which touches on several of ISNI’s key objectives and priorities.

This multi-million-pound project will transform public transport, facilitating greater transport capacity for the city and the wider region, with improved links to airports and ports.

The new hub is on an eight-hectare city centre site and will include:

  • 26 bus stands
  • eight railway platforms
  • increased cycle and taxi provision
  • new bus maintenance and parking facilities
  • track and signalling enhancements
  • bus access bridge
  • car parking
  • road infrastructure improvements
  • new public square

Planning permission for the development was granted in 2019 and the enabling works (which cleared the site and prepared the area for construction) have been completed. Main works will begin in 2022, with the new facility scheduled for completion by 2025.

artists imnpression of the new transport hub at twilight
An artist’s impression of the completed Belfast Transport Hub exterior.

With an expected annual footfall of over 20 million this important project will bring a host of benefits for urban regeneration, acting as a key driver of economic growth and prosperity for Belfast and Northern Ireland.

This new multi-modal hub will strengthen essential transport services improving connections throughout the city and surrounding towns. It will help to build a strong and connected region through improved connectivity from across Northern Ireland and onward to ports and airports.

The new hub will make it easier for people to travel into Belfast for work and leisure and will have a strong focus on cleaner forms of transport. In this way, it will reduce individual car usage and help us toward our goal of decarbonisation.

Saltwater Square artist's impression
An artist’s impression of Saltwater Square, a new civic space created as part of the Belfast Transport Hub and Weaver’s Cross re-development.

Additionally, the newly created neighbourhood of Weaver’s Cross surrounding the hub will provide residential, leisure and commercial space, enhancing community cohesion and further contributing to job creation.