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The Northern Ireland Executive is working hard to build a peaceful, fair and prosperous society for you and future generations – fully committed to improving your quality of life and strengthening our local economy. In the past Northern Ireland has suffered from a lack of investment in infrastructure by direct rule governments. Indeed, in the run up to devolution annual investment peaked at just £650million. The Executive is redressing this balance and has accelerated its investment programme to an unprecedented £1.7billion in 2008/09. This equates to £4.5million being spent each and every day 365 days a year on projects that will transform our public infrastructure, delivering new schools, improved roads, better public transport, modern healthcare facilities, cleaner water and more social and affordable homes.

Over the next few years the Executive will be investing heavily to continue to build a better future for our children and grandchildren. As well as providing the foundation of a dynamic and growing economy this investment will secure an estimated 28,000 jobs in the construction and related industries at a very difficult time for the economy. Put simply infrastructure contracts currently underpin 40% of the construction industry here.

This website provides a citizen-focussed insight into the projects which are taking place across the full spectrum of investment. You can use the interactive map to search for projects in your area, view project photographs and images, and even subscribe to receive regular updates on the projects which are important to you.

The Executive is tackling the everyday issues that affect your lives and we are beginning to make real progress, laying strong foundations for future growth and opportunity for all.


One click access to the Northern Ireland Infrastructure Investment Pipeline.

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View our investment strategy document.

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